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Duct flow

In a collaboration with Masato Nagata of Kyoto University we have investigated the linear stability of laminar flow in a straight duct with rectangular cross-section, driven by a constant pressure-gradient and homogeneously distributed internal heating. This work can be seen as a first step towards understanding the transition mechanism in the square duct which is still only poorly understood. Please refer to this article.

Together with Alfredo Pinelli and Genta Kawahara (University of Osaka) we have investigated the isothermal case in the fully turbulent regime by means of spectral DNS. These graphs show the flow structures (streaks and streamwise vortices) in a "minimal flow unit" at very low Reynolds number; results on the sustenance of turbulence in such a marginal regime are discussed here. The scaling of the mean flow with Reynolds number (in a moderate range) has been discussed here.

More recently, we have started to compute invariant solutions. Travelling-waves are discussed here.

markus.uhlmann AT kit.edu

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